Is Your Home Fire Safe?

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We are coming into summer and we thought it might be time to talk about what you can do to prepare and be fire safe. While not the sexiest topic of conversation it really is a good idea to have a quick think about it. All it takes is a 5 minute walk around your home today to see if any changes need to be made.

1) Clean out your gutters and remove any leaf litter from the gardens that isn’t required. You will be amazed at what builds up over winter.

2) Keep flammable items at least three feet from heat sources. According to the National Fire Prevention Association in America, 56 percent of fatal home heating fires ignite from items being placed too close to heating equipment. Make sure everything is a safe distance from heat sources, including the furnace, space heaters, fireplaces and wood stoves. Not the mention the BBQ!

3) Check smoke detectors frequently. Approximately 60 percent of house fire deaths happen in structures with no working smoke alarms. Test your home’s smoke alarms monthly and replace batteries each year.

4) Have a family escape plan and practice it regularly. All household members need to know all exit strategies in case a fire breaks out, as well as where to meet once they’re safely outside. Have a semiannual drill and practice at different times of the day.

5) Cook safely. Never leave the room when boiling, frying or baking, keep pot holders and dish towels away from the flame, and immediately turn off appliances when not in use.

6) Be mindful of holiday decorations. If you choose to decorate with strings of lights, always check their condition first. Throw out those with exposed electrical wiring, and be sure to read over the manufacturer’s instructions.

We hope everyone has a great BBQ season and be sure to be fire safe this year.

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