Company/telemarketers Impersonating Mortgage Advice

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Hi All,

Currently there is a group of people telemarketing using our name and details.  They have called people on the Do Not Call Register.  Mortgage Advice doesn’t have any contractors or staff marketing on our behalf and we haven’t done a call out to our opt in database for 2 months plus.  

Why are they doing this?  

I can only think of 2 reasons.  

The first is they use our name( as it’s a good name) and if someone agrees to a mortgage appointment they send out their own representative saying they just give mortgage advice and that they work for company ………..pty ltd.  2. they are trying to damage my company and brand by marketing to people on the DNC registry.  It seems that if the consumer (you) ask for a contact number they give my 1300 number and then they don’t call back again or attend the appointment.  As I was called by a person expecting a mortgage consultant from Mortgage Advice,  he had our 1300 number. He had not spoken to one of our staff ever and no one ever showed or called him back.

We have spoken with ACMA about this and there is not much we can  do until we know the full name/phone number of the people calling. If you get a call  from them please take the persons details and their direct line so we can track them down.   Or if you have an appointment with them then

I would appreciate the details of the person that came to see you.  Please understand that without this information I am unable to track them down as they call from blocked phone lines.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and how the banks work.  It appalls me that people are deliberately or accidentally damaging our company.


Luke Scott

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