Sydney Investment Property Market Cooling?

Here at Mortgage Advice we are starting to see articles and evidence that the changes in lending policy imposed by APRA on investment lending is starting to take effect.  Below is excerpt from MPA magazine.  We would love to hear you thoughts on what is happening in your part of

Company/telemarketers Impersonating Mortgage Advice

Hi All, Currently there is a group of people telemarketing using our name and details.  They have called people on the Do Not Call Register.  Mortgage Advice doesn’t have any contractors or staff marketing on our behalf and we haven’t done a call out to our opt in database for

What is Your Credit Rating?

The below information is from Veda,  a credit reporting agency in Australia. At Mortgage Advice we believe understanding how your credit works and how you can improve your credit rating can be the difference when applying for future credit needs.  Please read the information and if you have any questions

Cross Securing Investment Property

Pros and Cons of cross securing investment property loans Pros Convenient and only one application form/ bank to deal with. Lenders may provide interest rate discounts for cross collateralization. As total lending is higher and Australia is moving towards a tiered system which rewards higher debt (total not LVR) levels

Fee for Service Mortgage Brokers

Here at Mortgage Advice we are fee for service mortgage brokers. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean we charge you up front – as we can and do retain the bank commissions until our fee is paid, after which we rebate all further commissions back to you- the client. We do

Heritage Bank’s Take on Comparison Rates

Below is a bit of information which the team here at Mortgage Advice thought was interesting. As comparison rates are often skewed to providing the best image for the lender and are not direct reflections of your individual needs. Heritage has recently been asked the hard questions when it comes

Low Interest Rates = Investment Property

Over the last week I have been seeing large amounts of media coverage on this equation and the simple answer is yes. Why? because if you buy with care and due diligence you should be able to find a property that will yield 5.5% or more. Then take a 5

Is Your Bank Loyal to You?

Recently I have seen 2 new clients where the bank has made them feel like they should be grateful they gave them a loan a couple of years ago. To add salt to the wound they are also paying 0.25% higher than what the bank is offering new customers. Now

Mortgage Advice Calculator

Check out our new online calculator that shows you how Mortgage Advice rebating the bank commissions can save you many thousands and time off your mortgage. Only 5 boxes to fill in and no personal details required to test us and get a result. Please note the results are net of

Would You Use Firstmac?

Our job here at Mortgage Advice is to source our clients the most effective home loan for their requirements. However a question asked with reasonable frequency is who is that Lender? I have never heard of them, can I trust them? In Firstmac’s case, I personally had my mortgage with them and can attest

Housing affordability

Why choosing where you live will change your financial outcome. I have always said that money vs lifestyle is a decision. To live in Sydney and Melbourne comes with great advantages and disadvantages. Lifestyle in these cities is amazing, but the percentage of income required to service the loans is

Budget 2021

Tomorrow Budget 2021 gets announced and it likely to have implications for borrowers of all sorts. This morning I have seen an article announcing an new scheme similar to the first home loan deposit scheme (FHLDS) for single parents. Recognizing that for many people saving up the deposit is the

1st to move, NSW to review Stamp duty with many positive outcomes

NSW looking to change stamp duty !! We might finally free up the buying and selling of property somewhat. Many clients of ours would like to sell and stamp duty is a big consideration in the decision that usually tips an idea from achievable to not. As this cost is

Q&A for first home buyers buying at Auction answered part 1

Please see my responses to one of my first home buyers today. Let me know if you have any questions and I will add them to part 2. Q. Because almost everything goes to auction in Melbourne, do we need to (and can we) get unconditional approval, rather than pre-approval? 

Happy Friday and Covid update

As restrictions around the country are easing we cautiously optimistic that business will return to a more normal state of affairs. Though for the time being we are still preferring video meetings at this stage. Travel restrictions are also forcing this. Many of the banks have historically low fixed rates

Move to Video Appointments

Covid 19 Update: In line with government advice and actions to contain the spread of Covid-19, our team will be taking steps to minimise the risk to our staff, our community and to support our clients. We have now activated our Business Continuity Plan and from Tuesday 17 March we

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