Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

So why use a Mortgage Broker, the answer is for multiple reasons: First of all, a Mortgage broker should specialise in home loans and understand that rate is important, but that rate not the only thing. Eg. Do you need multiple splits, an offset account, is the proposed lending structure

NAB Rates Reduce this Week

Variable rates reduced – effective Friday 19 August Effective Friday 19 August 2016, NAB Broker will reduce the variable indicator rate on all new and existing variable home loans by 0.10% p.a. Please note, this reduction will not apply to our current special offers. The current special offers can be

RBA Drops Rates 0.25% – Our Lowest Level Ever

The Reserve bank of Australia today announced our lowest rates on record with a 0.25% rate reduction. The cash rate now sits at 1.50%pa. CBA has been the first to move announcing a partial reduction on the standard variable rate (SVR) of 0.13%pa. Which was expected as the bank has

Home Loan Calculators

We now have multiple home loan calculators loaded onto our website that are mobile responsive. The 2 I use the most when seeing clients are the loan repayment calculator and the stamp duty calculator. So book mark our page for these resources and more. If you have any questions about

Paperless Property Exchange (PEXA) is Gaining Momentum

As we are all aware technology is changing the way many business and governments function. The land titles offices,  Banks (credit instituions) and legal representatives are all backing a move to the paperless system known as PEXA in Australia. Now we won’t bore you with the details,  just know that

Australian RBA Leaves Rates on Hold at 1.75%

With the election still undecided it comes as no surprise that the RBA has left rates on hold,  as predicted by many in the media.  Though it will be interesting to see the minutes of the meeting  to see what was discussed. With the election result still undecided we have

Queensland First Home Owners Grant Changes to $20,000

As of 1/7/16 the QLD grant will be $20k, this is for 12mths only. There is nothing additional a customer has to do to get the extra $5k. From 1 July 2016 the Great Start Grant will be known as the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant. The Queensland Government has also announced a

Mortgages for Foreign Borrowers in Australia

Over the last few weeks we have been seeing a change from the major lenders in regards to the way they are approaching foreign applicants. This is a policy excerpt from one of the big 4 banks in Australia. Considering that just a few months ago 80% LVR was common

Abolition of NSW Mortgage Duty

Progress is finally being made in NSW. Now I wonder when (if)  stamp duty will be next? Abolition of NSW Mortgage Duty Effective Friday 1 July 2016, mortgage duty in NSW is to be abolished meaning duty is no longer payable on mortgages executed on or after 1 July 2016 and on advances/increases

85% No LMI Loans Available

Currently we have a few lenders offering this product with the most notable being Westpac. As they will also price against the other majors quite competitively with fully featured loans when requested by a broker. Obviously there are a few conditions to be met however none of these are much

Housing affordability

Why choosing where you live will change your financial outcome. I have always said that money vs lifestyle is a decision. To live in Sydney and Melbourne comes with great advantages and disadvantages. Lifestyle in these cities is amazing, but the percentage of income required to service the loans is

Budget 2021

Tomorrow Budget 2021 gets announced and it likely to have implications for borrowers of all sorts. This morning I have seen an article announcing an new scheme similar to the first home loan deposit scheme (FHLDS) for single parents. Recognizing that for many people saving up the deposit is the

1st to move, NSW to review Stamp duty with many positive outcomes

NSW looking to change stamp duty !! We might finally free up the buying and selling of property somewhat. Many clients of ours would like to sell and stamp duty is a big consideration in the decision that usually tips an idea from achievable to not. As this cost is

Q&A for first home buyers buying at Auction answered part 1

Please see my responses to one of my first home buyers today. Let me know if you have any questions and I will add them to part 2. Q. Because almost everything goes to auction in Melbourne, do we need to (and can we) get unconditional approval, rather than pre-approval? 

Happy Friday and Covid update

As restrictions around the country are easing we cautiously optimistic that business will return to a more normal state of affairs. Though for the time being we are still preferring video meetings at this stage. Travel restrictions are also forcing this. Many of the banks have historically low fixed rates

Move to Video Appointments

Covid 19 Update: In line with government advice and actions to contain the spread of Covid-19, our team will be taking steps to minimise the risk to our staff, our community and to support our clients. We have now activated our Business Continuity Plan and from Tuesday 17 March we

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