Housing affordability

Why choosing where you live will change your financial outcome. I have always said that money vs lifestyle is a decision. To live in Sydney and Melbourne comes with great advantages and disadvantages. Lifestyle in these cities is amazing, but the percentage of income required to service the loans is very high. As per the […]

Budget 2021

Tomorrow Budget 2021 gets announced and it likely to have implications for borrowers of all sorts. This morning I have seen an article announcing an new scheme similar to the first home loan deposit scheme (FHLDS) for single parents. Recognizing that for many people saving up the deposit is the hardest part of buying. I […]

1st to move, NSW to review Stamp duty with many positive outcomes

NSW looking to change stamp duty !! We might finally free up the buying and selling of property somewhat. Many clients of ours would like to sell and stamp duty is a big consideration in the decision that usually tips an idea from achievable to not. As this cost is considered “dead money” by some. […]

Q&A for first home buyers buying at Auction answered part 1

Please see my responses to one of my first home buyers today. Let me know if you have any questions and I will add them to part 2. Q. Because almost everything goes to auction in Melbourne, do we need to (and can we) get unconditional approval, rather than pre-approval?  A. No,  unconditional approval requires […]

Happy Friday and Covid update

As restrictions around the country are easing we cautiously optimistic that business will return to a more normal state of affairs. Though for the time being we are still preferring video meetings at this stage. Travel restrictions are also forcing this. Many of the banks have historically low fixed rates and high cash incentives to […]

Move to Video Appointments

Covid 19 Update: In line with government advice and actions to contain the spread of Covid-19, our team will be taking steps to minimise the risk to our staff, our community and to support our clients. We have now activated our Business Continuity Plan and from Tuesday 17 March we will implement work from home […]

Interest only …. is it the only way for Investment loans??

P&I investment loan repayments vs negative gearing using interest only payments is a bit of a topic currently with our client base. As interest rates on the I/O loans  higher than P&I loans. So from a wealth creation stand point there are now additional benefits to going P&I on your investment loans.  As the cheaper rate […]

How long can you insure your house for?

So this is a bit of a scary topic.  We have children protesting about climate change today and it got me thinking .  So I thought I could help out in my own little way.  Below is a piece  written from the view of insurance companies and the worst affected areas around the country.  Lets […]

Lender changes that effect you, the borrower more than you realise

I would like to bring  you attention to 3 changes that are in progress or have recently happened with lenders in the  Australian market.  These have to do with elements highlighted in the Royal Commision.  1) Almost all lenders are now running a micro profit and loss on you to determine your actual living expenses. […]

Flat Fee Mortgages coming soon

If the full Royal Commission recommendations are implemented then trailing income will cease on all loans written after July 2020.  But any loans written before this date will keep the trail.  As we rebate these commissions to you it may well be in your best interest to sort your loans out before July 2020. As […]